Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

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ॐ हूँ नमः (Om Hoo Namah)

Price: ($ 130) (10,100)

An 8 Mukhi Rudraksha has eight mukhas on its surface. The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord Ganesha who is also known as “Vighna Harta” i.e. the destroyer of all obstacles. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is able to achieve in every mission by blessings of Lord Ganesha.

  • This rudraksh is belong to bhairav, wearing this rudraksh gives long life.
  • It can protect from many diseases and makes a person fearless from the accidental dead. it is very powerfull and energetic rudraksha.
  • 8 Mukhi Rudraksha has the power to eliminate obstacles, evils in a person’s path to success
  • The person who wears it will be blessed with knowledge, wisdom, and wealth.
  Note: All Rudraksha Courier Charge Negotiable Price.