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Astro One of the most seasoned and Famous Astrologers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is Ashish Shastri. He offers the best advice and solutions because he specializes in horoscope prediction. He is a responsible person and helps to lead client’s life positively. He also performs Pooja vidhi  for your health and wealth. Ashish Shastri also provides services of astrology, Vastu and karmakand, love marriage in Mumbai & Dubai. 

India’s Best Astro Consultancy undertake customer work by direct personal consultation. Many also undertake Written Chart Interpretations, Telephonic Consultations or provide recordings by email for customers who, for whatever reason, are unable to visit an astrologer personally. Fees are very according to the amount and all type of work required and should be discussed and agreed with you.

Our Website at Online has capable professionals in the areas of Gem Stones, Palmistry, all types Vastu, Astrology,  Pooja Vidhi’s,  Vedic Astrology.

Astro Consultancy that we practices, answers all the FAQ  regarding health problem, family problem, marriage problem, Business problem, Finance problem, etc. It is based on the principles & parameters that are more accurate than all type  astrology.